13 Celebrity Nail Artists You Need to Follow ASAP

I’ve always wanted to do the mini nail-runway they have at the Oscars. Alas, I’m not a famous actress and nor will I ever be. To make matters worse, I routinely bite my nails and don’t have an ounce of artistic blood running through my veins.

So to uplift my non-actress, non-famous, nail-biter life, I’ve taken to Instagram to find the raddest 13 celebrity nail artists around. These ladies and lads take to the nail like a canvas; creating intricate patterns and applying hardware one would think was solely meant for clothing. Their clients range from Kerry Washington to Ke$ha, but one thing they all have is an Instagram feed filled with major, drool-worthy inspiration.

Even if you can’t replicate half of their designs (like me), their art is too good to pass up. Check out some of their handy work below, test a few out and let your nail imagination run wild.

Glitz and glam is the staple of this artist, who does nails for Cardi B.

Photo: Instagram/@nailson7th

Britney Tokyo

Remember Katy Perry‘s famous ‘crypto nails?’ Well, this is the expert that did those and so much more, too.

Photo: Instagram/@britneytokyo

Chelsea King

King has a wide range of skills that come in handy as she bounces from clients like Gal Gadot to Kat Von D.

Photo: Instagram/@chelseaqueen

Alicia Torello

If you like both funky designs and simplicity, this artist, responsible for painting the nails of the Olsen Twins and Anne Hathaway, is a must-follow.

Photo: Instagram/@aliciatnails

Tom Bachik

One of the most famous male nail artists, Bachik has worked on Kerry WashingtonKim Kardashian, and Jennifer Lopez.

Photo: Instagram/@tombachik

Kimmie Kyees

There’s almost too many celebs to count on Kyees’ client list, but a few at the top of her list are Khloé KardashianChrissy Teigen, and Mary J. Blige.

Photo: Instagram/@kimmiekyees

Fleury Rose

There’s major nail inspo on Rose’s page, who frequently designs Ashley Graham‘s digits.

Photo: Instagram/@fleuryrosenails

Miss Pop brings drama and fun to celebs like Solange and Lucy Hale.

Photo: Instagram/@misspopnails

Karen Gutierrez

Guitierrez is the queen of keeping things simple. Yara Shahidi and Sofia Vergara visit her often.

Photo: Instagram/@karengnails

Steph Stone

All about play and intricate work, Stone’s clients include Millie Bobby Brown and Shay Mitchell.

Photo: Instagram/@stephstonenails

Mei Kawajiri

Talk about dramatic. Kawajiri does outrageous nail looks that we frequently see on regulars like Gigi and Bella Hadid.

Photo: Instagram/@nailsbymei

Michelle Humphrey

Humphrey’s clean, but dynamic designs are drool-worthy. That must be why she has clients like Keira Knightley and Ruth Negga.

Photo: Instagram/@nailsbymh

Naomi Yasuda

It’s all in the details for Yasuda, who does nails for Lady Gaga and Ke$ha.

Photo: Instagram/@naominailsnyc

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