15 Celebrities Who Nailed Baby Bangs and Gave Us Major Hair Envy

Bangs are one the most controversial hair decisions out there. Should you get them and risk looking like your third grade cousin who always has jelly on her cheeks? Or even worse—you’re past seventh grade self who cut her own bangs and ended up looking like a coconut head (sigh, this was definitely me)? Amidst all the room for debacle, we have good news: Bangs of any length are back in style, which means no matter what you do to your fringe, it’s going to be on-trend.

And hot on the trend list right now are baby bangs. You might remember them from the early ‘00’s, “Amelie“-style or all the way up to 2014 when Beyoncé rocked the barely-there bangs. As intimidating as the chop may seem, we’ve gathered 15 different stylings of today’s best baby bangs to peruse at your leisure. From Jourdan Dunn’s sharp, blunt editorial take to Ariana Grande’s wispy and textured ‘do, you’ll have plenty of modern options to choose from.

Like Kris Jenner once told her daughter Khloé, you’re going to look bangin’ in those bangs.

Ariana Grande

In October, 2017, Grande opted out of her usual long locks for this chop. Stylist, Chris Appleton, gave her varying length and wispy pieces to ensure a low maintenance look with tons of edge.

Photo: @chrisappleton1

Bella Hadid

At the Dior Masquerade Ball in January 2018, Hadid debuted her new ‘do. The short, straight-across style is hard to rock, but by pairing it with a full, bouncy ponytail, Hadid still looks fun and approachable.

Photo: @bellahadid

Jourdan Dunn

If you’re looking for the editorial look follow Dunn’s October 2o17 Instagram approach. The blunt bangs along with the fierce cut create sophistication and intrigue.

Photo: @jourdandunn

STYLECASTER | How to Rock Baby Bangs like Celebrities | Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne

In the opposite direction, Thorne partnered short bangs with long, curly locks in January 2018. And if blunt isn’t for you either, this rainbow shape frames a face perfectly.

Photo: Getty Images

Emma Roberts

In January 2018, Roberts came out with a big change, and even though it was a wig, the look is to die for. Trying out the blunt bangs on something removable is a great way to decide if the chop is for you or not.

Photo: @nikkilee901

STYLECASTER | How to Rock Baby Bangs like Celebrities | Emma Watson

Emma Watson

Watson’s January 2018 red carpet walk featured these playful baby bangs. A small side part helps to break up the bangs edge and allows for a subtle swoop.

Photo: Getty Images

Amandla Stenberg

In this October 2017 Instagram post, Stenberg played up her baby bangs by twisting them into individual spirals. If you’re looking to make a statement and have fun, this is the way to do it.

Photo: @amandlastenberg

STYLECASTER | How to Rock Baby Bangs like Celebrities | Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz

To slyly enter the short bang gang, you can adopt Cruz’s September 2017 look. The side sweep that gradually gets longer allows you to experience baby bangs, but still have the security of full-length locks.

Photo: Getty Images

Duckie Thot

In November 2017, the model posted this photo of her and her baby bangs. The short bangs mixed with waist-length, straight hair make for a sleek and simple look.

Photo: @duckieofficial

STYLECASTER | How to Rock Baby Bangs like Celebrities | Rooney Mara

Rooney Mara

You don’t always have to let the bangs do the talking. By placing a headband behind the bangs, Mara drew attention away from them in April 2017, and instead, placed the attention on the small, fun accessory.

Photo: Getty Images

STYLECASTER | How to Rock Baby Bangs like Celebrities | Sofia Boutella

Sofia Boutella

Boutella made baby bangs look like NBD in January 2018. The pieces lift a little off her forehead which gives tons of dimension, and the deep off-center part helps to make the bangs more casual.

Photo: Getty Images

STYLECASTER | How to Rock Baby Bangs like Celebrities | Alison Sudol

Alison Sudol

These face-framing crimped pieces work perfectly with Sudol’s severe mismatched bangs. The frilliness of the hair lessens the dramatic bangs, but doesn’t take away too much from their dynamic shape.

Photo: Getty Images

In her May 2017 Instagram post, Kehlani shows off her curly baby bangs. We often think straight strands are the only way we can go, but by keeping natural curls, the bangs fall effortlessly across the forehead.

Photo: @kehlani

STYLECASTER | How to Rock Baby Bangs like Celebrities | Hayley Williams

Hayley Williams

Williams kept a neutral color while showcasing her fringe in October 2017. An easy way to change up your boho look is by adding in shorter bangs. You don’t have to sacrifice too much, but it makes a big difference.

Photo: Getty Images

Winnie Harlow

A pixie cut can be styled any which way, but Harlow chose to go with frayed bangs in December 2017. Instead of a classic tousle, the baby bangs keep the look modern and mature.

Photo: @winnieharlow

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