25 Haircut Ideas You’ll Immediately Want to Share With Your Barber

When you’ve got short hair and decide to entrust your precious tresses to a barber, staying inspired remains a full-time job. You may have less hair on your head, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be as spontaneous as those with longer strands. In fact, knowing that you’ll be in a barbershop chair every few weeks makes trying something new that much more fun, simply because you know it can be quickly altered if you don’t like the end result.

I follow an absurd amount of hair experts on Instagram and some of the most innovative ones are barbers or accounts dedicated to showcasing the beauty of short hairstyles. Their work–be it sharply-shaped pixie cuts or intricate line work–are what keep me from letting my curly TWA (teeny weeny afro) grow out. If you’re also looking for new ways to update your short ‘do, ahead are 25 Instagram-approved ways to do it.

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