Katherine Langford Dyed Her Hair Platinum-Blonde, and We’re Drooling

“13 Reasons Why” season two might be months away, but star Katherine Langford has a huge surprise for fans. She’s blonde! The 21-year-old actress recently ditched her mousy dark-brown hair for a fresh set of platinum-blonde locks that we can’t stop obsessing over.

Langford debuted her new hair color over the weekend on the set of her new film, “Spontaneous,” a sci-fi fantasy which she stars in alongside Christopher Plummer. Langford showed off her lighter hair color in a scene deep in some woods outside Vancouver, Canada.

The “13 Reasons Why” star kept her look low-key with dark jeans and a ratty, slightly oversized t-shirt. She wore her just-dyed bleach-blonde hair straight and semi-damp. She parted her hair down the middle with her long tresses cascading down her shoulders and back.

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Given that the film centers on a high school student whose classmates start spontaneously exploding, it makes sense that Langford’s hair was far from the glam we’re used to when she walks the red carpet. In another scene, where Langford’s hair was dry and she was out of the woods, the actress showed off her hair again. This time, it was worn pin-straight with a tiny bit of her natural brunette peeking out from the roots.

No word yet on how long Langford will keep the blonde (or whether she’s having more fun), but from the looks of it, she’s wearing the color well, so we hope she doesn’t get rid of it too soon.

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