Glossier’s First-Ever Acne Product is a ‘Skin-Perfecting’ Liquid Exfoliator

Glossier products invoke an unparalleled amount of excitement with each release. Just a few months ago, we were ordering multiple Balm Dot Coms in exchange for a free sample of the Glossier You fragrance. Now, we’ll be entrusting all of our skin care goals into the millennial pink brand’s first-ever acne product. But be warned: it’s not your standard cleanser or moisturizer and it may actually give you “glossier” skin.

Glossier Solution


There’s a reason the just-released “Solution” is being labeled a skin perfector. The crux of its blend is a trifecta of three powerhouse acid actives (just 10% of the formula) that exfoliate the skin to clear blemishes, minimize pores and even tone and texture:

-BHAs, which include salicylic acid, are lipophilic, meaning they goes deep into the skin follicles to remove excess debris and sebum.

-AHAs, or glycolic and lactic acid, are hydrophilic, meaning they break down the bonds that attach dead cells to skin, making your skin look visibly smoother.

-And PHAs, also known as Gluconolactone, are the larger acids that make the overall mix feel softer on the skin, in addition to the pure aloe and glycerin also thrown into the mix.

Glossier Solution


The word “acid” tends to scare a lot of beauty newbies and although this means you’ll feel a slight tingly sensation as the liquid formula exfoliates beyond the skin surface, you can be rest assured that Glossier’s formula is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. The brand’s chemist team spent an extensive 15 months developing and testing the product so you can slough away dirt without any harsh brushing or scrubbing.

And those who were able to test-drive the product before its official release said that after just one day, their skin felt cleaner and softer. Just one month later, 94 percent of those users reported having visibly clearer skin. For just $24, we’d say this one is worth adding to your vanity.

7 Beauty Brands That Nailed Inclusivity in 2017

Fenty Beauty

From the moment we first saw ads for Rihanna‘s highly anticipated Fenty Beauty line, we knew it would be a hit, much like everything else the record-breaking singer touches. But beyond her obvious star power, what makes the brand so groundbreaking is its effortless approach to ensuring that men and women of all shades and backgrounds are included. From dark skinned beauties like Duckie Thot to fair faces like Selena Forrest, the gamut of products–including a 40-shade foundation range–prove that there’s truly something for everyone.

Milk Makeup


The makeup brand, whose roll-on products have made it easier than ever to apply powder and cream formulas, has always done a good job of showcasing a wide range of beauty through its ads. But this year, it certainly upped the ante with its “Blur the Lines” campaign. The project, done in collaboration with the grooming site Very Good Light, was created to celebrate gender fluidity and freedom through cosmetics. It featured a slew of beautiful (and of course, diverse) faces, including Avie Acosta, Madeleine Vintback and Eddy LeRoy.

Wet N’ Wild

In September, the affordable beauty brand ventured into new territory by casting a model with albinism in a makeup campaign; a first-ever in the cosmetics industry. Diandra Forrest, who has long been a regular on and off the runway, was the face of the “Breaking Beauty” collection, with the intention of deconstructing the mainstream ideals that encourage us to hide what makes us unique. In the accompanying ads, she was joined by two other groundbreaking women; Valentijn de Hingh, a transgender model, DJ, and writer, and Mama Cāx, a cancer survivor and amputee activist.

Cover FX

This widely lauded beauty brand, known for its customizable coverage, championed diversity this fall with the “Nude is Not Beige” campaign. Besides promoting its best-selling Natural Finish Foundation, the monumental moment also marked the launch of the brand’s online shade-matcher, which allows customers to have their skin tone analyzed and paired with their best foundation shade. But overall, the initiative provided a much-needed reminder that any and every shade of skin is beautiful.


We’re well acquainted with the set of harmful ingredients often found in nail polishes, but this year, Orly took things a step further for its Muslim customers. The popular brand teamed up with the website Muslim Girl to release a six-piece collection of nail colors, all halal-certified and water-permeable. It marked the first time a beauty brand had created something that specifically caters to Muslim women. And besides the safe ingredients, the colors are beautiful, too.

Make Up For Ever


In March, a slew of standout beauties, including “Melanin Goddess” Khoudia Diop and blogger Jessica Wang, teamed up for Make Up For Ever’s “Blend In, Stand Out” campaign. The brand, whose 40-shade range Ultra HD Foundation is a cult favorite, brought these influencers together to “create their own rules of diversity and inspire others to do the same. The ads, which featured each person individually and as a collection, proved that the brand’s products are inclusive of all shades and styles.


Our favorite millennial pink brand has never made a big deal out of featuring women of all shapes and sizes. 2017 was no different. Besides the debut of its first-ever fragrance “Glossier You,” the start-up brand also launched a breathtaking campaign for its Body Hero products, which featured a diverse range of body types; from the then-pregnant Olympian Swin Cash Canal to model Paloma Elsesser (who is also a part of the Fenty Beauty crew). By including all of these women in its advertising, Glossier showed that you don’t need to look a certain way to use their products; all are welcome!

We can’t wait to see what all of these brands do in 2018.