OPI Introduces Nail Primers for Longer-Lasting Manicures and Stronger Digits

Why did it take us this long to realize we should be priming our nails for polish the same way we prime our skin for makeup? No, we’re not talking about a simple base coat. What we really need is something a little more heavy-duty that will protect our nail beds from discoloration, chipping and other setbacks that destroy a freshly painted mani.

Well, praise the makeup gawds because OPI beat us to the punch and created a set of primers that not only extend the life of our polish up to 11 days, but strengthen our nails underneath, too. According to PopSugar, the entire collection is made with lotus flower and bamboo extract and each of the four bottles tackles a specific issue.

There’s a Conditioning Primer for hydration, a Ridge Filler Primer for smoothness and less chipping, as well as a strengthener and brightener. At just $20 a pop, we’d say it’s worth a buy, especially since it’ll likely last you a long while.

Take your pick over at OPI’s website where they will soon be available (date TBD). Until then, you can purchase one at a physical Ulta store.

STYLECASTER | OPI Unveils New Nail Primers | Brightening Primer


OPI Brightening Nail Primer, $19.95

STYLECASTER | OPI Unveils New Nail Primers | Conditioning Primer


OPI Conditioning Primer, $19.95

STYLECASTER | OPI Unveils New Nail Primers | Ridge Filler Primer


OPI Ridge Filler Primer, $19.95

STYLECASTER | OPI Unveils New Nail Primers | Strengthening Primer


OPI Strengthening Primer, $19.95

12 Products That’ll Save Your Struggling Nail Beds

One of the more agonizing aspects of getting a manicure is watching it chip away after a few days or in some cases–a few hours. Unfortunately, in the quest for a grown-up skin care routine, our nail beds are usually thrown to the wayside, simply because we forget that they need as much nourishment as our other body parts.

Besides an occasional visit to the salon where the professionals do the leg work for you, there are a slew of products–both affordable and cost-effective–that will keep your nail beds from suffering a slow and painful death. Ahead, we’ve gathered 12 that cover the gamut of creams, oils and even nail color. Take your pick and treat your digits, stat.