10 Celebrities Over 40 Who Have Posed Nude on Instagram and in Magazines

Since the birth of social media, nude selfies have become a staple of celebrity Instagrams. And though we’re all for people expressing their sexuality however and whenever they want, these naked pictures—whether on Instagram or in magazines—typically skew younger, an agist bias that has been apparent in Hollywood for a long time.

But, like many outdated stigmas, things are steadily changing, and there’s a squad of celebrities 40 and older who have no qualms with disrobing in front of the camera. From Jennifer Aniston (48) to Julianne Moore (57) to Helen Mirren (72), these famous women are proving that there is no age limit for nude selfies. Check out their empowering NSFW pictures, ahead.

Jennifer Aniston

In 2008, at 40 years old, Jennifer Aniston posed nude with just a necktie for the cover of GQ. Aniston, who also posed topless for pictures inside the book, was praised for her empowering photos. Aniston is 48 today.

Julianne Moore

For Bulgari’s Fall 2010/Winter 2011 campaign, Julianne Moore, who was 49 at the time, posed nude with jewelry, handbags, and animals covering her private parts. Moore is 57 today.

Helen Mirren

For New York magazine in 2010, Helen Mirren, who was 64 at the time, posed nude in a bathtub with only milky water partially covering her breasts. Mirren is 72 today.

Alicia Silverstone

In 2016, when she was 40, Alicia Silverstone disrobed for a PETA campaign raising awareness about animal abuse in the wool industry. For the campaign, Silverstone posed completely nude with her backside to the camera. She is 41 today.

To encourage her followers to embrace their insecurites as well, Mel B, who was 41 at the time, posted a naked photo on Instagram in 2016. The picture featured the singer posing nude in front of her mirror with her arms covering her breasts. She is 42 today.

Heidi Klum

Leave it to Heidi Klum to publish a book of nude selfies. In 2017, when she was 44, the model dropped her book, Heidi Klum by Rankin, which included dozens of naked pictures. “I have posed naked before but I’ve just never showed it to everyone. I feel more confident now than when I was in my twenties,” Klum told The Daily Mail.

Jennifer Lopez

In 2012, when she was 42, Jennifer Lopez posed nude for her fragrance, Glow. The pictures included Lopez looking goddess-like in a shower with wet skin and hair. She was 48 now.

Mariah Carey

In 2016, when she was 46, Mariah Carey had no qualms with posing 100-percent nude in a bathtub selfie for Instagram. The photos showed Carey lounging in a tub after a long day at the recording studio with bubbles strategically placed over her private parts. She is now 47.

In 2014, when she was 56, Madonna posed topless for a spread in interview magazine. Though she wasn’t completely nude, the singer exposed her breasts in an outfit consisting off an open cardigan and a sheer negligee. She is now 59.

Halle Berry

In 2017, when she was 51, Halle Berry posted an empowering picture of her nude while leaning against a window. In her Instagram caption, she referenced a Nina Simone quote about freedom. 

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Every Naked Selfie Emily Ratajkowski Has Ever Posted on Instagram

Emily Ratajkowski will be the first to contend that her naked Instagram selfies aren’t regressive, but a feminist expression of the female body and the freedom of women to share their sexuality however and whenever they want. For years, the 26-year-old model and actress has been a champion for the right for women to show off their body in any way they choose, free from slut-shaming and the male gaze.

Along the way, Ratajkowski has shut down legions of haters, who criticize her choice to go nude and slut-shame her for baring her body on the internet. Most recently, Ratajkowski skewered British television host, Piers Morgan, who questioned Ratajkowski’s stance as a feminist after she participated in a sexy video shoot requiring her to writhe in pasta while wearing lingerie. The criticism spurred Ratajkowski to write an empowering response on how feminism isn’t about “adjusting” to make men feel comfortable, but living freely. “Feminism isn’t about adjusting. It’s about freedom and choice,” she wrote.

To look back on Ratajkowski’s journey as a pro-naked selfie pioneer on Instagram, we rounded up her most empowering nude photos. Take a look at them, ahead.