11 Luxurious Products That’ll Remind You to Treat Your Neck, Too

OK, OK—we know: The anti-aging thing is getting a bit crazy. Just when you wrapped your head around the facts of retinol, like what it is, how to use it, and why it’s going to be your BFF for the rest of your life until you die (no, seriously, it is), you’re smacked with news of anti-aging blush, anti-aging oils, and now, anti-aging neck products. Does every single part of your body really need a targeted anti-aging treatment? Is this all a marketing scam? Am I supposed to use these? The answer to all of these is, surprisingly, no.

No, you don’t need to use any anti-aging products on any part of your body if you don’t want to. We’re all about aging gracefully and naturally, and if you’re cool with your fine lines and wrinkles, then we are, too. But if you want to try to slather yourself in gravity-fighting ingredients, then we’ve got your back (and front and face and neck…). Because anti-aging neck creams are, in fact, a thing, and they’re not a scam—at least, not totally.

“For the multitaskers out there, an additional neck cream may not be necessary,” says Yale dermatologist and all-around skin guru Mona Gohara. “If you’re already using a retinol or anti-aging cream on your face, just spread the wealth and smooth it over your neck, too.” However, if you’re already bad at keeping a consistent anti-aging routine for your face, or you just forget that you have a neck sometimes, Gohara does recommend a separate neck cream to “serve as a friendly reminder that your neck is there and needs love, too.”

So with that in mind, we rounded up the absolute best cult-favorite neck creams that truly work. Massage them in from your clavicle to your jawline, and, in just 50 short years, you’ll notice you look way younger than every other member of your nursing home. Congrats!