80 Outfit Ideas to Freshen Up Your Winter Work Wardrobe

On the heels of the holidays, we may all be riding the high of sparkly outfits and champagne-filled events, but by mid-January, the shiny novelty of a fresh new year is wearing off and the reality of heading back to the office is setting in. Unlike during the last few weeks of the year, your trusty jeans-and-sweater combination isn’t quite cutting it, and it’s time to dust off that workwear wardrobe of yours.

While we all know a killer outfit alone isn’t going to earn you a promotion, looking the professional part at the office can make you feel like a boss, and help make you feel a hell of a lot better about being desk-bound again.

So to celebrate the start of another work year, we rounded up the street style looks that will have you thinking of new, edgier ways to freshen up your 9-to-5 style.

A version of this article originally appeared in January 2015.