20 New Year’s Eve Party Ideas That Are Festive and Easy

Between planning, shopping, cooking, and decorating, hosting a party has its perks, but can be a major source of stress. And you’re supposed to try to have fun at them, too? For those who have volunteered (or been elected) to host this years New Year’s Eve bash, relax: pulling off a fabulous fete can be a breeze with genius Pinterest and blog-sourced party ideas that’ll impress all your guests. It doesn’t take much beyond an appropriate level of glitter and a variety of foods and drink to pull off a solid party. From drinks to decor, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite New Year’s Eve party ideas that you can totally copy.

Craft That Party

Craft That Party

1. Use sequins and confetti in places other than on your dress.

2. Make a unique and festive backdrop for taking Instagram-worthy New Years Eve photos.

3. Hang up a blank piece of paper on the wall for your guests to write their resolutions on.

4. Sparkle up a normal balloon by adding confetti inside of it.

Erica's Sweet Tooth

Erica’s Sweet Tooth

5. Even your food should be festive. By adding cute little toppers into champagne Jell-o shots, you’ll instantly make things more interesting.

6. Add sorbet into your champagne glasses for a fizzing, sweet good time.

7. For a sweet treat when the clock strikes midnight, soak strawberries in chocolate flavored vodka.

Little Peanut Magazine

Little Peanut Magazine

8. For any underaged at your party, make milk sprinkle shots.

9. Create a hashtag for guests to use while posting on social media from your party. That way later anyone can see all the shots from last night!

10. Make your own photo booth with cool props for guests to enjoy.

Metallic Mason Jar

How Sweet Eats

11. Painted mason jars work wonders to add some sparkle and hold anything like utensils to flowers.

12. Write an hourly countdown on balloons—11PM, 10PM, 9PM, and so on—and pop them as midnight approaches.

13. Make your own DIY garland using sparkle-dipped feathers and some string.

Photo: Creating Really Awesome Free Things

Photo: Creating Really Awesome Free Things

14. Cover your home with inspirational quotes to inspire the New Year—homemade or Etsy-bought.

15. Everyone loves a party favor. Send your guests home with something little, thoughtful, and fun.

16. Grab poppers filled with sequins for everyone to pop open once the clock strikes twelve.

Photo: The Crazy Apron

Photo: The Cozy Apron

17. Nothing says classy and sweet like strawberry shortcake in a champagne glass.

18. Find a creative way to add numbers to champagne glasses, so guests can grab one for each of the hours before midnight.

Photo: Wants & Wishes Design

Wants & Wishes Design

19. Fill your entire ceiling with balloons—bonus points for sparkly, curly strings—for a fun decorative look.

20. Bag up fortune cookies for your guests to bring home to wish them “good fortune” in the coming year.

A version of this article was originally published in December 2016.

Simple New Year’s Eve Decor Ideas To Ring in 2018

New Year’s Eve is one of the most relaxed holidays we have. There aren’t really a ton of rules for a good NYE party that can’t be broken. Avoid sequins like the plague? There are ways to dress that don’t involve Dynasty-levels of sparkle. And who’s to say you have to wear your hair a certain way? This is the New Year! As far as we’re concerned, this is about letting loose and having fun.

Likewise, no one’s telling you to deck your place out in floor-to-ceiling Gatsby-inspired opulence (but, of course, if you want to, more power to you). The important things, in no particular order are, a) champagne, b) more champagne, c) extra glasses for the champagne, and d) good music to listen to while you drink all the champagne.

So, now that that’s settled, there’s the matter of decor. If you’ve waited until the 11th hour to start, there’s still plenty of hope. A few well-placed balloons or chic streamers can make a remarkable difference. In fact, we’re here to argue that less is more.

We’ve rounded up some super easy ways to decorate for the night, whether your style is understated, overstated, or somewhere in between. Cheers to that!

A version of this article was originally published in December 2015.

Quickly make anything festive with spray adhesive and glitter.

Photo: Evite

All you really need are some well-placed streamers and some tape that won’t mess up your walls. Bonus points? These bad boys are DIY.

Photo: 100 Layer Cakelet

If the traditional gold and black color palette just isn’t you, try something with silver and white.

Photo: Ruth Eileen Photography

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. You can’t go wrong with black, gold, and white streamers and balloons.

Photo: Polka Dot Bride

All of that seem like too much work? Just pick up some black and gold balloons and some curling ribbon for an elevated affair.

Photo: Style Me Pretty

A few pearl-finish balloons, some punch, and some champs goes a long way.

Photo: Honey and Fitz

Most people will be quite busy drinking champagne, but make sure there’s some sugar in the form of macaroons and cake for when people need a boost.

Photo: Alea Lovely

Rebel against glittery and Gatsby-themed anything by taking your décor to a woodsy, rustic place. A few branches and some muslin should do the trick.

Photo: Sunday Suppers

Go glam with an Old Hollywood backdrop and a bar that’s fully stocked.

Photo: Erin Hearts Court

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