Thigh-High Boots: A Shopping and Styling Guide

If you’re fed up with the cold, grabbing yourself a pair of thigh-high boots can a lifesaver (for your shivering body, as well as your style standards). These sky-high boots do more than add an alluring touch to any outfit. They’re the ideal option for those days when you want to wear a pair of black boots, but need an extra layer of warmth. Practical and chic? Count us in.

Thigh-high boots also instantly dress up any look. Wearing an oversized sweater and leggings doesn’t exactly seem like a work outfit, but add a pair of high boots and instantly you look more office-ready. Yes, we just said thigh-high boots are acceptable when you’re heading to work—as long as you’re also wearing thick tights or skinny pants underneath.

Ahead, check out the best ways to style sky-high, thigh-high boots—and the prettiest picks to buy now.