Emma Stone Calls Out Majority Male Directing Nominees at the Oscars

There’s no question that this year’s awards season has been all about women calling out Hollywood for its sexism, and the Oscars were no exception. In case you missed it: Emma Stone savagely shaded the Academy for nominating four men in a category of five directing nominees.

The 29-year-old actress unleashed her shade when she was presenting the Oscar for best director in the show’s final hour. During her introduction, Stone talked highly about the influence a director has on a film. Then, she got down to business: the majority male directing nominees, which included Jordan Peele (“Get Out”), Guillermo Del Toro (“The Shape of Water”), Christopher Nolan (“Dunkirk”), Paul Thomas Anderson (“Phantom Threat,” and the sole woman, Greta Gerwig. (“Lady Bird.)

“It is the vision of the director that takes an ordinary movie and turns it into a work of art,” Stone said. “These four men and Greta Gerwig created their own masterpieces this year.”

The call-out immediately earned a loud round of applause from the in-studio audience and viewers on the internet. Many praised Stone for her blatant, not-so-subtle shade, while others compared her to Natalie Portman, who also called out the all-male nominees at the 2018 Golden Globe awards.

Stone might not have been nominated for an Oscar this year, but she sure made an impact.

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