25 Great St. Patrick’s Day Recipes That Don’t Involve Green Dye

Even if you’re not into the cheesier aspects of holidays like St. Patrick’s Day—getting wasted in a bar crawl, parades, dressing up like a leprechaun; no, thanks—what we will welcome is any excuse to make a new, appropriately festive recipe. If you’re celebrating on March 17 with friends and family (or if you’re just in the mood for corned beef and cabbage) pulling out all the stops with some delicious traditional Irish recipes is a great way to compliment your celebrating.

Whether it’s your job to bring a side dish (why not try the Irish fried cabbage and bacon?) or you’re responsible for the main course (everyone loves a good traditional Irish shepherd’s pie), there are an abundance of unbelievable recipes that speak to Irish heritage and taste heavenly.

Ditch the corny green food coloring and impress everyone with these traditional Irish recipes.

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