What Programming Language Should I Learn? Free Online Tutorial

What Programming Language Should I Learn?

What programming language should you learn? I’ll list the top 10 programming languages and give you an idea of what they are primary used for. Apps, games …

Programming language php Programming language php

Programming language php Programming language php

Programming language php Programming language php


And you make me stare at the darkness in 30s…

THANKS for the video anyways. (:

sir OK from which program I have to start?? tell me

i start with html and css after php..

Absolutely C++. If you learn C++, you'll learn easier any programming language.

This video is very basic and doesn't give actual advice. Desktop games are developed in C++ What about Minecraft? One of the most bestselling games of all time, and it's programmed in Java

If I just want to create a 2D or 3D game what should I learn? Just C++ (I have a pdf book that I found online) or start with C programming and java?

I am going to make my own computer language… It is going to be call… C–

Hey, i want to make desktop software, not games, what programming language should i learn?

I started an finished HTML

In my opinion cpp and java are best for beginners and for experts

I,e. I should learn c++

I want to make 2d 8-bit adventure games

Can anyone help me with c and c++ im looking for some guideance

websites are not profitable anymore. adblockers killed it. except you sell a service or product. mobile native apps or video games is the way to go now. learn swift and ios development or/and android with java and xml. learn relational databases, mysql mongodb.

whatever you do get some knowledge about javascript, json, apis and server setups.

Just an observation, Hulu and Twitter were made on Ruby on Rails a Framework of Ruby, but not made only on Ruby.

HTML -> CSS -> JAVASCRIPT – > JQUERY -> PHP -> SQL ->RUBY -> PERL -> PYTHON – > C -> Objective-C(Recommend : SWIFT) -> C# – > VB -> C++ -> JAVA

Best Order to Learn In.

honestly most programs use multiple programming languages for different parts. Learn a couple languages and expand from there.

I started with C++, I'm going to Python next.

the hell, I was eating my pizza next thing I know the screen is all black!

Last minute is pretty dope

What the fuck is he doing…we already know it ! and by the way Ruby is also serverside programming. He was literally reading the entire script….Don't think he has a clue of any programming language

Personally I think that languages themselves are very overrated. Leaning all that C++ has to offer won't take more than a couple months with a comfortable pace. The same can be said about all the other languages you mentioned. On top of that, using the pure languages won't build you anything impressive. You need infrastructure to build something impressive.

So, the real challenge is learning the frameworks, libraries, and tooling. A good example is Java vs C#. C# imo wins in this regard because it automatically gives you all the Microsoft tooling, frameworks, and an IDE in one consolidated stream which is great for beginners or developers transitioning to different platforms within this mega environment. Java was opensource from the beginning so the tooling, frameworks, additonal libraries, IDE, etc is very spread out and requires much more experience/trials and tribulations to get it right early on.

went to take a dump ..never returned :(

Even though everything went black and I wasted one minute of my life staring into a black monitor, I found out what I needed to hear. Thanks, dude.

Ruby is not used for website development, you're thinking of the Ruby on Rails framework. They are two different things used for two completely different purposes

C# can do all the tasks you listed. Pure server side, Full web (for example Stackoverflow), Game development, Software development. If you know C# and javascript you can do pretty much anything. Java is almost as good but doesn't offer as much capabilities.

This dude didn't knew how to use editing programs

You shouldn't learn any programming languages. Stay in your country and be a goat herder.

From 3:13 the video is very interesting, because from languages he now wants your think off black holes

Where's your proof facebook has moved away from PHP? Talking nonsense.

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