Kourtney Kardashian Uses 3 Products Daily to Keep Her Lips Moisturized

In the winter, or really any time of the year, dry lips can be a death sentence. Not only do they look unpleasant, but they can be painful and inhibiting. Kourtney Kardashian recently took to her website, aptly named after herself, to disclose how she keeps her lips baby soft 24/7 and how you can, too.

The mother of three maintains moisture by using three lip balms, sometimes all in one day. But, wait, is three too much to be using? In Kardashian’s case, each balm or cream does something different, so she’s not layering the same product over and over, which is a process that can lead to halting natural moisture production.

The 38-year-old starts her day by applying Blue Lagoon balm, a paraben-free formula from Iceland, and ends her day with Caudalie’s lip treatment, an antioxidant-rich, moisturizing lip conditioner.

When things get really rough and dehydrated, she opts for Elizabeth Arden’s 8-Hour Cream, which is an all-purpose formula for hands, cheeks, nails, brows and of course, lips. In every balm though, she looks for “all-natural options” and one that has sunscreen if she’s going to be out in the sun.

Aside from the three mentioned, Kardashian mentioned some of her other favorites, including Smith’s Rosebud Salve, Drunk Elephant Lippe Balm, Ogee Lip Oil and Skyn Iceland Lip Fix.

Taking care of your lips is just as important as taking care of your skin, mainly because your lips are your skin! Don’t let dehydrated days get you down. Take a page from Kourt’s book and keep your lips looking luscious every day of the week.

Reddit Hilariously Comes to the Rescue for Woman Who Needs Makeup to Cover Her Areolas

When a Reddit thread begins with “Really weird question…,” we’re immediately intrigued. But when it’s found on Makeup Addiction, and followed with “anybody know how to cover up areolae with makeup??,” there was no question we just found a quarter among pennies. It became a need-to-read thread.

The ask came yesterday from Occasional_Cupcake, a loud and proud showgirl, who needed help covering her areolas for work. She explained her situation and honestly, not only did we feel bad a natural part of her body was getting in the way of her job, but that it seemed she lost hope of ever finding a solution.

“One of the costumes we wear involves pasties. Every girl wears them except me because I have really big areolae and they peek out the sides. My boss sent me home with a pair and told me I’m welcome to see what I can do with makeup to cover them up a little. I played around with it last night and got it really really close but I could still see them 😦 mine are very light colored so I don’t think it’ll be difficult to do I just don’t know how.”

Without a second thought, redditors jumped to her rescue. One user recommended Glamoflauge, a Hard Candy concealer, and shortly after another user confirmed the concealer’s power over nipples. dusklily wrote, “Glamoflauge and red lipstick covered up mine completely ! (Nah I’m not a MUA, just got stoned and curious one day lol)”. There’s nothing better than factual evidence, right?

Other people, who didn’t cover their nipples but did cover acne scars, bruises and tattoos, chimed in with suggestions like Dermablend, NYX green color correcting cream, and Covermark Leg Magic. Someone even recommended watching FX makeup tutorials to ensure there’d be no hints of areola— or makeup work— showing.

The OP edited her original post to let everyone know her coworker was bringing her dermacol to try out, but she’d keep everyone updated with the cover-up progress. Girl, we are waiting!

Your Complete Guide to Beauty Subscription Boxes

We’ll never have enough time to try every single new product that hits Sephora or the drugstore, so subscription boxes are a godsend. Developing a personal style typically involves a decent amount of experimentation, and these curated sets make the journey feel a lot less daunting. Plus, getting our hands on pricey finds for a fraction of the price doesn’t hurt either.

Although many would argue that beauty boxes reached their peak years ago, the number of customized options available in 2018 has us thinking otherwise. If you’re already thinking about spring cleaning and trying something new, consider trying any of these targeted options, from makeup to nail polish and even organic feminine care. It’s time to find your beauty box match-up.

STYLECASTER | Top Beauty Subscription Boxes | Birchbox

For the Beauty Newbie…

What Birchbox Offers: 4–5 high-quality beauty samples each month. Boxes contain names we trust in makeup, hair, and skin care.

How Much It Costs: $10/month

Where to Subscribe: Birchbox.com

Photo: instagram / @birchbox

STYLECASTER | Top Beauty Subscription Boxes | Glossybox

For the Luxe Lady…

What Glossybox has to offer: 5–6 surprise products valued collectively at more than $90

How Much It Costs: $21/month

Where to Subscribe: Glossybox.com

Photo: instagram / @glossybox_us

STYLECASTER | Top Beauty Subscription Boxes | Julep Maven

For the Polisher…

What Julep Maven Has to Offer: Choose from five style profiles and receive a monthly box with the combination of two nail polishes and one full-size beauty product, two full-size beauty products, or three nail polish colors.

How Much It Costs: $24.99/month (plus free shipping)

Where to Subscribe: Julep.com

Photo: instagram / @julepbeauty

STYLECASTER | Top Beauty Subscription Boxes | Scentbird

For Anyone Needing a Signature Scent…

What Scentbird Has to Offer: 30-day supply of any designer fragrance (450+ to choose from) in a chic reusable case

How Much It Costs: $14.95/month (plus free shipping)

Where to Subscribe: Scentbird.com

Photo: instagram / @scentbird

STYLECASTER | Top Beauty Subscription Boxes | Curlbox

For the Naturalista…

What Curlbox Has to Offer: 4 or more quality natural-hair-care samples from established and up-and-coming brands

How Much It Costs: $20/month

Where to Subscribe: Curlbox.com

Photo: instagram / @curlbox

STYLECASTER | Top Beauty Subscription Boxes | Femly

For Anyone With a Period…

What Femly Has to Offer: 1-month supply of organic period care OR 1-month supply of period care, 1 savory snack, 2 body-care gifts, and 1 package of herbal tea

How Much It Costs: $10/month or $34/month (deluxe)

Where to Subscribe: FemlyBox.com

Photo: instagram / @femlybox

STYLECASTER | Top Beauty Subscription Boxes | Beauteque

For the K-Beauty Enthusiast…

What Beauteque Has to Offer: 4–5 full-size K-beauty skin and makeup products

How Much It Costs: $24/month plus other options

Where to Subscribe: Beautequemonthly.com

Photo: instagram / @beautequeofficial

STYLECASTER | Top Beauty Subscription Boxes | Mindfulness Box

For the Zen Master…

What Mindfulness Box Has to Offer: 4–5 thoughtfully curated items that promote self-care, inner peace, and balance

How Much It Costs: $29–$318/month

Where to Subscribe: Mindfulnessbox.com

Photo: instagram / @mindfulnessbox

STYLECASTER | Top Beauty Subscription Boxes | Bulu Box

For the Supplement Sampler….

What Bulu Box Has to Offer: 4–5 premium vitamin, supplement, and healthy snack samples

How Much It Costs: $10/month

Where to Subscribe: Bulubox.com

Photo: instagram / @bulubox

STYLECASTER | Top Beauty Subscription Boxes | Love Goodly

For the Clean Beauty Convert…

What Love Goodly Has to Offer: 4–5 deluxe-size nontoxic, cruelty-free makeup and skin-care products

How Much It Costs: $29.95/month

Where to Subscribe: LoveGoodly.com

Photo: instagram / @shoplovegoodly

STYLECASTER | Top Beauty Subscription Boxes | Play by Sephora

For the Sephora Addict…

What Play! by Sephora Has to Offer: 5 trial-size samples of beauty products from Sephora in a collectible bag

How Much It Costs: $10/month

Where to Subscribe: Sephora.com

Photo: instagram / @sephora

STYLECASTER | Top Beauty Subscription Boxes | Target Beauty Box

For the Drugstore Loyalist…

What Target Beauty Box Has to Offer: 5 trial-size products from Target’s beauty aisles

How Much It Costs: $7/month

Where to Subscribe: Target.com

Photo: instagram / @getting.the.freebies

STYLECASTER | Top Beauty Subscription Boxes | Onyx Box

For the Brown Beauty…

What OnyxBox Has to Offer: 4–5 full-size beauty products, curated with women of color in mind

How Much It Costs: $25/month

Where to Subscribe: shop.weareonyx.com

Photo: instagram

STYLECASTER | Top Beauty Subscription Boxes | New Beauty Test Tube

For Anyone Who Dislikes Samples…

What TestTube by New Beauty Has to Offer: 8 or more full-size and
deluxe must-have products, plus a one-year subscription to New Beauty

How Much It Costs: $29.95 six times per year

Where to Subscribe: testtube.newbeauty.com

Photo: instagram / @newbeauty

STYLECASTER | Top Beauty Subscription Boxes | Lip Monthly

For the Lipstick Lover…

What Lip Monthly Has to Offer: 4–5 full-size lip products every month

How Much it Costs: $12.95/month (25 percent off your first month)

Where to Subscribe: lipmonthly.com

Photo: instagram / @lipmonthly

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Celebrity Hairstyles That Look
Amazing from Behind

Celebrity Hairstyles That Look
Amazing from Behind

The Quick and Dirty Gym Workout for a Smaller Waist

Getting a gym membership is the easy part, but actually making it there is where the real challenge lies. We’re all living busy lives that unfortunately leave limited time for reaching our fullest exercise potential. And when we do make it to the gym on that rare occasion, we’re either too scared to venture past the elliptical or intimidated by the machines.

In fact, we often forget that sometimes, the most effective workouts don’t require the latter at all. Dumbbells, a medicine ball and will power can take you far. So, if you’re already thinking of ways to accentuate and strengthen your waistline before warm weather returns, we’ve got a quick, but highly effective routine that should fit nicely into your busy schedule.

Thumbtack expert, Baron Lambert of Top Tier Fitness in Concord, CA, recommends a workout that incorporates a pair of dumbbells, a swiss ball and a medicine ball. The weights should be challenging, but not too heavy to do high volume of reps with. “Our mission is to create instability using the weights to force our core to activate and work hard, all the while using big compound exercises to help build muscle and burn fat.”

Are you ready? Do each of the following exercises for 60 seconds with as many reps as possible, rest 30 to 60 seconds, and then move to the next:

Single Arm Dumbbell Swings

STYLECASTER | Gym Workout for Smaller Waist | Dumbbell Swing

Allison Kahler

Holding a single dumbbell, start in a squat position. Throw your hips forward to create momentum upward for the dumbbell and pull all the way over your head. As weight starts to come back down, rebound into same starting position.

Medicine Ball Slams

STYLECASTER | Gym Workout for Smaller Waist | Medicine Ball Slam

Allison Kahler

Holding a slam ball, elevate it over your head, getting as tall as you can. Then immediately turn it around and throw it into the ground. Squat to get the ball and repeat.

Renegade Rows

STYLECASTER | Gym Workout for Smaller Waist | Renegade Rows

Allison Kahler

Set up with two dumbbells in hands and in push up position. Using one arm at a time, row the weight up to your side and back down. Alternate arms for each row, trying to keep your core stable and hips from rocking.

Alternating Dumbbell Chest Press on Swiss Ball

STYLECASTER | Gym Workout for Smaller Waist | Swiss Ball Chest Press

Allison Kahler

Set up seated on the ball with two dumbbells. Roll out until your upper back is supported on the ball,  then lift your hips into a bridge position (think of yourself as the bench now). With the dumbbells now raised, alternate arms while doing a chest press, one arm at a time.

Swiss Ball V-Ups With Transfer

STYLECASTER | Gym Workout for Smaller Waist | Medicine Ball V-Ups

Allison Kahler

Set up by lying on your back, holding a swiss ball overhead. Crunch up with the ball while simultaneously raising your legs to meet in the middle. Transfer the ball from your arms to between your legs. Lower the ball down and retract to lying position, then repeat by bringing the ball back up from your legs to your arms again.

How to Replace Your Heavy Foundation With Concealer

What isn’t there to love about a full-coverage foundation during the winter season? It’s essentially a blanket for the face that also happens to conceal random breakouts and even out our skin tone. Unfortunately, it carries a couple downsides. There’s clogged pores if you’re not priming correctly underneath and the looming threat of it transferring to your clothes or worse–someone else’s.

Also, it can just feel heavy when using day after day. If your skin needs some breathing room, but you still want the same benefits of a foundation, most will recommend swapping it out for a concealer. And while that is the obvious and correct fix (besides going makeup-free when we feel like it), there are some caveats for ensuring that it works with instead of against your complexion.

Choose Your Coverage

Like foundation, concealers are available in different finishes; from sheer to full-coverage. The type you use will depend on the condition of your skin. For instance, if it’s free of blemishes and you simply want to even things out, a sheer formula–similar to one you’d use on the under-eye area–will serve you best.

Natalie Soto, Global Makeup Artist/Educator for jane iredale cosmetics, stresses the importance of how to apply whatever it is you choose. “As the consistency of concealer can be a lot richer than foundation,” she says, “you should use a damp sponge in a tapping motion if applying it all over the face in place of foundation.”

Now, if you want to get fancy with a highlight and contour effect, know that you will need to utilize more than one shade.

“For contour, choose a concealer like Mehron Celebré Pro-HD™ Conceal-It and apply a shade that’s three shades darker than your foundation and on the cool side of the color wheel,” says James VincentMehron Makeup Artist. “Use this in place of contour powder for a more natural shape and shading that looks realistic and more elevated.”

And If you’re looking for a more bronzey and beachy effect, you can find something two shades darker and on the warm side of the color wheel.

But again, if you want to keep it simple, be sure to color-match your concealer to your skin tone. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a face that’s shades lighter or darker than the rest of your body. Awkward!

Spot-Treat, Don’t Spread

This is perhaps the biggest difference between foundation coverage and concealer coverage. Whereas the latter is typically applied all over the face and blended out, concealer should instead be concentrated to the blemishes you wish to disguise.

For instance, if you have a pimple or dark spot on your cheek, instead of covering the entire area with concealer, you should dot each blemish and blend or build until it’s covered. The overall effect is skin that “no makeup” makeup look that tricks people into thinking you’re wearing nothing at all.

“A great way to sheer out concealer for all over coverage is by mixing a small amount of concealer with a pearl size amount of your daily moisturizer or a facial primer (try jane iredale Smooth Affair® Facial Primer & Brightener).

If you’re going for that contour/highlight effect we talked about earlier, your concealer should be applied to the parts of your face that are hit most by sunlight.

Vincent says, “use a powder brush to sweep it over the forehead, down the center of the nose, on the chin and the highest part of your cheekbone. You can’t believe how easy it is to get the most beautiful beachy effect.”

Blend, Blend, Blend

So what does one do when you need two types of coverage in the same area? Well, you’ll need either two different concealers–sheer and full–or you’ll have to apply the same concealer in two different ways. Again, a heavier consistency is best for disguising blemishes, but blending out the surrounding area with a sheerer formula (i.e. a moisturizer blend) will ensure that the treated area doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb on your face. And like foundation, you’ll also want to seal in your coverage with a setting powder or spray.

If you have no idea where to start your concealer search, start with this list of makeup-artist approved brands.