New coins feature A-Z of British life

26 new 10p coins have entered circulation in the UK, dedicated to celebrating everything ‘quintessentially British’. Each special edition coin is dedicated to a different letter of the alphabet, from the Angel of the North to zebra crossings.

Of course, in certain cases there has been some barrel-scraping (we guess it was a toss up between a xylophone and ‘X marks the spot’), but in most cases the designers have really hit the nail on the head when it comes to capturing everything the Brits love most, from fried eggs to tea to the NHS. 

The coin attracting most love so far is the Q, which stands for – of course – queuing. It even features a parade of tiny, polite, etched figures queueing across it. 

Take a look through the full collection below – use the arrows on the right and left to navigate through the collection. 

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The Royal Mint has also released a free ‘Great British coin hunt’ app – numismatists (coin collectors, that is) can scan any alphabet coins they find, using their phone camera, then collate them into a digital ‘collection’.

Find out more about the coins on the Royal Mint website (it’s currently down due to high volumes of traffic… but you can always wait in the queue).

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